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Why RCS?

Save Your Union Time & Money

Who We Are

For nearly 30 years, RCS Union Software has focused on one mission: Make the jobs of Local Union Officers more efficient. We do this by providing user-friendly, Cloud-based software and financial service solutions that will save your Union time and money

Our Software Products

Financial Software
Accounting and Payroll package designed specifically for Union financial record keeping and reporting responsibilities.
DOL LM Software
Our most popular product streamlines LM-2/LM-3 Report preparation, eliminating up to 80% of the work.
IRS 990 & 990EZ Software
Complete your 990 in a fraction of the time, accurately and in sync with your LM.
Membership & Dues Software
Track and store your grievance process in the cloud with everything you need at your fingertips.
Grievance Processing Software
Keep Membership info up to date. Track dues collection from your members, both collected and uncollected.

Financial Service Solutions

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