“The Grievance program, which was customized to our particular needs, is a blessing since we write anywhere from 40 to 70+ grievances a month.”
– Elaine Gima – UAW Local 588

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Tired of managing and organizing all of your paper Grievance files? Get a leg-up on the Company by being more organized with RCS’s Grievance Processing software!

  • All of your Grievance files and records digitally stored, secured and organized in the high-security RCS Cloud
  • Software is customized to your Local’s step-by-step Grievance processes
  • Access and edit your files from any device with an Internet connection, whenever, wherever – even right on the factory or shop floor or job site
  • Easy entry, search and review all Grievance data and information
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  • Links to Membership software for quick auto-entry
  • Quick access to your Contract with customizable filtered searches
  • Grievances organized by article of your Contract for easy searching
  • Grievance forms automatically created, populated and completed
  • Print, export or email Grievance data and info
  • User-based permissions restrict information to only those with access granted
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