“We appreciate the services RCS provides with respect to year-end reporting requirements. Specifically, the LM-2 and 990 filings are filed with the assistance of the RCS staff. The satisfaction that knowing we have met these government filing requirements in a timely, accurate and expeditious
fashion gives Local 12 tremendous peace of mind as well as the major cost savings to the Local.”
– Paul Rickman, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 12
Region 2B, Toledo, OH – 43 Units – including the Chrysler Jeep (12,000 Members)
RCS Customer Since 2001

LM 990 Image

Historically, the burden of compiling data for the Department of Labor LM form and IRS’s 990 form has been one of the greatest challenges for Financial Secretaries, and a major cause of stress and frustration. Now, with RCS’s LM & 990 Preparation service, we take the burden off the Local and complete these documents with minimal effort from the Local. We provide you with a quick survey of a few questions and once we get the answers, we take it all from there. Our Financial Services team completes hundreds of these forms for our clients each year, at much less cost than a CPA. With our team managing your filings, you can be confident these jobs will be done correctly and in a timely manner. 

Now that the IRS Requires 990 forms to be e-filed there is an added layer of complexity to self-preparation of the form. RCS Union Software is an IRS-authorized e-file provider, which means we can handle your e-filing for you, whether we prepare your forms or not.

“RCS has made the job of Financial Secretary/Treasurer a breeze – especially regarding the LM and 990 service.”
– Dominic Pinto, Financial Secretary, UAW Local 6645, Rancho Cucamonga, CA